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Notice: Anyone attempting to use this site in a fraudulent manner for criminal or unethical self-benefit or unpatriotic purposes will be held accountable, investigated and/or prosecuted by the appropriate local, state or federal law enforcement agency.

The U.S. WAR DOGS Association is recognized by the IRS as both a non-profit and Veterans Group with a 501(c)19 status. Its Southern chapter is registered with the State of Florida. Donations both in-kind and monetary are tax deductible, and will be acknowledged to retain by the donor for income tax purposes. Donations are used to directly benefit the MWDs and K-9s that serve to keep Americans safe, secure and free.

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      With the use of this FREE RX CUT Prescription Discount Card, the cardholder can save up to 87% OFF prescription drugs for human and pet prescription medication and providing a donation to the U.S. War Dogs Association Chapter 2-Southern. Be sure to keep this card in your wallet to use whenever you fill a prescription.  

      If you already have prescription insurance, please compare your co-pay ($10.00 or more) ahead of time by viewing the website or calling the (800) # on the card or at the time you drop off or pick up the prescription. Use the best of the two prices to get the best savings. If you have no prescription insurance, you will receive the highest saving possible up to 87% of the original cost.

List of Benefits:

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●  The card can be shared with anyone and can be used an unlimited number of times ●  Provides substantial discounts on all pet medications including those with a human equivalent.

      Using this card benefits the Hero dogs who keep us safe, secure and free by helping support their veterinary bills, their adoption costs, their packages of treats. Toys. Safety Vests. Doggles and Booties when deployed, monuments and memorial plaques when they pass on and legislative efforts to better their working and retirement conditions. We also pursue legislative efforts to increase criminal penalties when they are harmed or killed in the line of duty.  

     There is no fees or cost to the cardholder for the U.S. War Dogs Assn. Chapter 2-Southern to benefit.  The fees come willingly with each use from the pharmaceutical companies who participate. U.S. War Dogs Assn. Ch. 2-Southern is proud to be one of the 450 non-profits who participate in this program.

     Your use of this card is sincerely appreciated. These dogs, give their all, in service and many give their tomorrows, so we can live ours.  Thank you for helping them.​


Please contact Barbara Snow at CONTACT US with​ any questions ​or ​for information about the U.S. WAR DOGS ASSOCIATION.

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