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If you are a bad guy, and you’re on the run

Don’t go to the Suwannee River, it will be no fun

More than a song, it’s K-9 Robiek’s beat

To get by him, an impossible feat

You may hide a stolen gun, you may lose a shoe

Robiek will find both – what he’s trained to do

He and his partner work together as a team to fight crime

Robiek gets a treat when you’re caught; you get the time

Ask a rabbit, a fox, a raccoon, or a deer

They all feel safer when Robiek is near.

He knows all the water, every scrub, bush, and tree

He can find what smells wrong and where it shouldn’t be

When you get anxious and you start to sweat

You become ONSTAR to Robiek and easier to get

He’ll sniff and outrun you and quickly chase you down

And you’ll know you’re caught, when your face meets the ground

He may not have to bite, just give you a hold

‘Til his partner brings handcuffs – you’ll feel the steel and the cold

Don’t you dare touch him or put up a fight

His bites will feel worse – you won’t sleep thru the night

It’s another felony to harm him so don’t even try

He’s a law enforcement officer – you’re just a bad guy

Robiek doesn’t hate or judge you – you’re only a means to a perk

For K-9 Robiek, bringing you in is all in a day’s work

He works for his handler to hear he’s a ‘good boy’

And then what comes after are his treat and his toy

When you know his presence, ‘surrender’ is the best thing to do

Better Robiek down upon the Suwannee, than down upon you.


For: K-9 Deputy Robiek – enjoy happy, healthy retirement- may you always run fast, bite hard,

fear nothing, play strong, and get the toy.

Dedicated To: Levy County, Florida Sheriff’s Awesome K-9 Team – Past, Present and Future

I’m here for you now – you have nothing to fear

You’ll sleep thru the night, I’ll always be near

You are my job, my joy and my life

I’m happy to please you – and take away any trauma or strife

You are my buddy, my companion and friend

We are now partners for life, only our death can end

I’m alert to your needs, your command and your cue

I’m driven and trained to be there; all I am is for you.

You’ll make more friends with me by your side

People will ask about me and you will feel much pride

I will open doors for you in your life and your home

Because of me, you will not feel alone

You served our country well, you answered freedom’s call

You sacrificed much and would have given your all

I’ll take away the demons that want in when you dream

Together our lives are better – for we are a team

 I will give you, my brain and my heart

I treasure your pleasure, a treat and a toy

And from you, my tail wags when I hear ‘good girl’, or ‘good boy’

My shoulder for a ‘soldier’, you are a hero to me

You at my side is only where I wish to be

My Dog God gave me abilities beyond what humans can reach

We learn from each other, and together, we teach

I am a Medical Service Dog, loyal, faithful and true

You are my universe’s center; all I do is for you.

A German Shepherd Ponders Life

By Barbara Snow

What will I do, what shall I be

If every opportunity were opened to me

Will I wear a badge, and serve only the best

Will I pass all my training and stellar each test

I have passed my puppyhood, now I ponder my fears

What will I do in my remaining years

Will my life matter to someone each day

Will I be homeless, unwanted, and live life as a stray

Will I die on a highway with no one to care

Or will a soldier not die because I was there

Will I go to a place to be put to sleep

Will I have a family forever to be theirs to keep

What is my destiny, what obstacles do I face

Will I know when it happens and I find my place

I feel I am strong to live up to the need

Loyalty can be my legacy, I hold on to that creed

I trust I have a purpose; but I have to wait

The decision not mine – to determine my fate

Will I serve one master, or more, or none at all

Will someone choose me to answer a call

I have much to give; I can Love; I can Serve

Will I get what many like me truly deserve

Will my name be immortal on a monument wall

With all Heroes like me who took the big fall

Or will I be surplus and never know love

I look for the answer from my Creator above

What makes the difference, my nose, teeth, or speed

Will my heart, brain, or drive prove I fit the need

Will I Partner a cop, will I go to war

Why was I born, what am I for?

Choose me to serve, protect, and better you

That role I can fill

I cannot select

That is your will.

German Shepherd Ponders Life

Jukon’s Hill (MWD) – N368

By Barbara Snow  3.31.15

He walked in front of boots upon the ground

He heard the bombs and bullets sound

He is not gone; he’s with you still

I see him there upon his backyard hill

He is at peace and can’t be sad

He wants your smile and heart be glad

He trained to walk in desert sand

Came home to the touch of your loving hand

His war job mattered for lives were saved

The road to Heaven for Heroes is truly paved

For you he wants tears no more

As God installed in Heaven – a Doggie Door

Jukon’s Hill (MWD) – N368

End of Duty 1.22.15

War Dog Medal Recipient 4.3.15

U.S. Service Award

K-9 Robiek – Way Down Upon

By Barbara Snow

Keynote from a Medical Service Dog – “I’m Here For You Now”

By Barbara Snow