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Notice: Anyone attempting to use this site in a fraudulent manner for criminal or unethical self-benefit or unpatriotic purposes will be held accountable, investigated and/or prosecuted by the appropriate local, state or federal law enforcement agency.

The U.S. WAR DOGS Association is recognized by the IRS as both a non-profit and Veterans Group with a 501(c)19 status. Its Southern chapter is registered with the State of Florida. Donations both in-kind and monetary are tax deductible, and will be acknowledged to retain by the donor for income tax purposes. Donations are used to directly benefit the MWDs and K-9s that serve to keep Americans safe, secure and free.

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I wish to thank you for taking this important first step to help our Hero dogs.

The word advocate (Thesaurus) can mean - helper, supporter, believer, backer, promoter, activist, campaigner, sponsor, one who encourages or one that recommends a cause.

I am very proud to say, that I personally fit the description of all these words. And I wish to add one more, catalyst. I see my role as a catalyst. I help other people to become advocates in this honorable cause, no matter their resources of Time, Talent, and Treasure. I want to suggest ways that you can make a difference in the lives of these Hero dogs.

Support K-9 Veterans Day 3/13/2016

Ask your local regulatory authority – County Board of Commissioners, City Council Members, Mayor or Town Alderman to pass a resolution honoring the day to recognize the military war dogs and local law enforcement K-9s for their service. We include all living dogs who currently serve, those retired and those lost to us in the line of duty or who passed in their retirement.

“Sample Proclamation”


Whereas, Dogs have been utilized by the United States Military from World War I to present conflicts; and,

Whereas, In the current War on Terror and against Crime, dogs are used to assist with activities involving Customs, Search, Rescue and Recovery, Border Patrol, Secret Service, Police, Sheriff, State Highway Patrol, State Wildlife and Conservation Commission, and in Agriculture Protection, Arson Investigations; and,

Whereas, many residents of City/County are Veterans or currently serve in the Military; and,

Whereas, many Employees and Residents of City/County actively participate in and engage in K-9 training and operational activities to assist the United States military and law enforcement agencies; and,

Whereas, MWDs and K-9 dogs have made the ultimate sacrifice by laying down their lives for their military and law-enforcement handlers/partners in the line of duty and are valued for their loyalty, devotion and for keeping our citizens safe, secure and free;

Therefore be it Resolved,

That the “The Name of your Town, City or County name and title of elected officials: I.E. Alderman, City Council or Board of County Commissioners” recognize March 13, 2014, as “K-9 Veterans Day” in City/County and annually thereafter to encourage honor and memorial tributes and events by our citizens, businesses, animal regulation and protection organizations, animal clubs and our veterinarians, educational and historical organizations, veterans groups, and law enforcement agencies, to increase awareness and appreciation for the services of our MWDs (Military War Dogs) and K-9s (Law enforcement Dogs) to our County and Country.

Signature of citizens and officials.

Encourage War Dog Displays at Veteran’s Events and in Military  Museums

Offer to help us locally to accomplish this if they are not included.

Reinforce Good Coverage by the Media

Thank the editors, reporters and photographers for print news coverage of MWDS or K-9s for their stories and case coverage. You may use email, phone or letters to the editor. (Email us for help on letters you may need)

Thank the producers, reporters and anchors of TV stations and media outlets for the same. Comment favorably on Online stories following articles on War Dogs, K-9s and their handlers.

Increase your Own and Others Knowledge via Websites, Books and Videos.

Visit your local library and military and/and or dogs section and suggest that they increase their inventory and cross the sections that direct people to information on them: some categorize MWDs in dog section and some in military.

We suggest the following books, websites, and videos and rather than overwhelm you with way too many, we will submit a few and change periodically. These books can be found at your favorite book store.

The Dogs of War: The Courage, Love, and Loyalty of Military Working Dogs by Lisa Rogak, Paperback: $10.45

Click here to purchase through Amazon.

Sergeant Rex: The Unbreakable Bond between a Marine and His Military Working Dog by Mike Dowling, Paperback: $10.00

Click here to purchase through Amazon.

Soldier Dogs: by Maria Goodavage, Paperback: $12.11  Click here to purchase through Amazon.

Invite a local Police or Sheriff K-9 handler to speak at your Club.

Request a demo of how the handler and dog work together to fight crime. You may need to go through their Community Relations Office or the Public Information Officer.

Purchase Package Items for Hero Dogs

Items can be purchased through the U.S. WAR DOGS ASSN. Store Page.

In addition, you may also purchase the following items to package and send directly to deployed MWDS and deliver in your area to K-9 Law Enforcement Police and Sheriff stations.  Email: barbarasnow@k9wardogadvocates.com for questions or military addresses.

K-9 Cooling Vests (Summer Months)                   K-9 Cooling Mats (Summer Months)            K-9 Cooling Collars (Summer Months)

K-9 Warming Mats (Winter Months)                     K-9 Boots, Medium & Large (All Year)          K-9 Doggles (All Year)

Collapsible Nylon Dog Bowls                                Kong 3” Rubber Balls                                    Large Rope Chews

K-9 Grooming Tools-Combs, Brushes, etc.         K-9 Nail Clippers                                           K-9 Shampoo & Conditioner

Donate for Veterinary Expenses for Retired Military and Law Enforcement Dogs.

Write Veterinary on your check payable to: U.S. War Dogs Association, Chapter 2, P.O. Box 10, Bronson, FL 32621.

Currently, this benefit is not provided by the military or municipal agencies for retired dogs who served.


FOR: Protection and Temperature Regulation.

NEEDED for Law Enforcement K-9s.

City and County government agencies, in this economy, have been forced to reduce budgets in all agencies and K-9 teams are included. They are requesting from and relying on charitable organizations to fill in the need. One way of doing this for our advocates, is to make a donation to the U.S. WAR DOGS Southern Chapter in honor of a family or friend. Memorial gifts in honor of family, friends and pets is another way to purchase a vest for a dog.

All donations are tax deductible and will be acknowledged to the donor and to the person (or Pet). The gift of the vest can be in honor of an individual or beloved pet. We are able to get best pricing, discounts and highest quality from vendors we work with. Prices do vary depending upon the type of vest by what the dog is trained to do. This is an ongoing need, because the fit, size and years of service factor into replacement needs even when the dogs weight stays stable from the daily exercise they receive.

The pricing range can vary from $50.00 to $200.00 and less for the feet protectors, doggles for eyes and cooling collars. Please make checks payable to: U.S. WAR DOGS ASSOCIATION, Chapter 2 and write VESTS on the check, Mail to: K-9 WAR DOG ADVOCATES,

P.O. Box 10, Bronson, FL 32621. We are very grateful for your donation.

Support Our Legislative Effort

2016 Florida Session dates January 12, 2016 through March 11, 2016.

Support Florida Legislation to give retired law enforcement K-9s veterinary benefits by contacting your Florida Senators and Representatives in your districts and ask them to vote for the bill to give retired law enforcement K-9s veterinary benefits. I am pleased to announce the good news that we do have two co-sponsors of the bill and it will be filed for the 2016 session.

Stay tuned for more to come and I will provide you with information on the draft of the bill text, who we need to thank for sponsoring the bill, the justifications for passage of the bill, the ways to contact them and links. Full time and part time (Snowbirds) residents of Florida and owners of property or businesses in Florida and members of clubs and associations or supporters of non-profits based in Florida can all make a difference in the passage of this bill. This bill will be driven by the will of the public; and, we can respectfully let our elected lawmakers know how much we value what these Hero dogs do for our safety and freedom.